Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally a post!

It's been soooooo long!

I've been really busy lately with finishing my internship, final exams, graduation, and now starting a new job! I just got hired as a Case Manager at a halfway house. I'm so lucky to have found a job right after school. In this economy, the job market is slim pickin's. Especially for someone like me, fresh out of school, and with no experience. 

I started work on Monday, and so far this week, it's been nothing but orientation and training. It's been so hard going to bed early and getting up early. My body clock hasn't adjusted! I will say, that I do feel especially grown up everyday with my snappy new professional wear, hehe. 

As for meals, now that i've been working, i've noticed that things are a lot easier. I've been making sure to eat a good breakfast before leaving for work, and my lunches that i've been making to take with me have been wonderful. I get home around 5PM or so, so that leaves dinner for around 8PM and bed time by 9:30PM. It's nice that i'm not trying to put off meals as long as possible like I was before because I never knew when i'd go to bed, and I didn't want to risk eating too early and getting hungry before my day was over. 

Yesterday for breakfast, I ended up having a bacon egg and cheese omelet. It was great! I used 3/4 cup of egg beaters, 3 slices of bacon, crumbled up, and 1 serving of 2% mozzarella cheese. I must say, i'm getting pretty good at the omelet flipping. When I first tried making one, i couldn't get the egg to flip right and pretty much just ended up with scrambled eggs. Now I can do it without a problem, and my omelets come out nice every time. This omelet was HUGE, and it was only a measly 230 calories. A good way to start the day. As you can see from the picture, I almost forgot to photograph it, and didn't remember till i'd already eaten half of it! Haha. 

It's so nice that i've been packing my lunches for work. I get a good lunch without a whole bunch of calories, or fat, or grease like you would see from a local fast food joint. While everyone else goes out in search of lunch (wasting their hour, i say) I'm ready to go, the minute the instructor says that it's break time. I must say, that i've been packing some pretty good lunches. Big and filling! 

This is yesterday's lunch. I packed 1 serving of Trader Joes cheese puffs, and Italian Wedding Soup At Hand, 1.5 servings of grapes, and a wrap that i made with bbq chicken, olive oil mayo, shredded lettuce, and 2% cheese. I had a diet Mountain Dew to drink with it. Since i don't drink coffee, I have to get my caffeine somehow!! This lunch was so yummy!! Total calorie count for this meal came to about 670 calories or so. I'm just estimating because i'm too lazy to go look, haha. But have no fear, this mind has become a bank of calorie counts, and i'm pretty sure that 670 is probably correct within about 5 calories or so. 

Last but not least, the CPR Dummy! She and I were together all day. We practiced CPR, first aid, and the defibrillator machine. I know she looks quite dead here, but believe me...after all the work I did on her, she was most definitely alive by the end, LOL. 

I promise that I will try and post more often. It's just so hard to remember to take pictures all the time! I guess i'll just have to do it more and make it a habit. 


Mrs. Sheila said...

New reader to your blog here ` but I had to comment! The cpr dummy~ LOL! I work with children, so when we do cpr it is always on the little cpr babies, as well as the famous "Debbie". Just so much fun. HA!

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that things are doing great for you! Wonderful! And I remember when I had to learn CPR, but I don't think I remember any of it. It was years and years ago!