Friday, December 5, 2008

OK OK...

So I haven't been keeping up as promised, but I vow today that I will do better! Don't give up on me yet! Part of the problem was that my computer was broken and i was having a problem uploading photos on my dad's computer. But now that my laptop is fixed, I don't have any more excuses. 

My Thanksgiving was great. I love spending time with my whole family, together. I didn't track on Thanksgiving Day, and kinda fell off the wagon a little bit for the whole weekend. Grrr! I've been disappointed in myself for it, but I know that it's too late to do anything about it now. All I can do is look ahead and keep on truckin'!

In brighter news, I'm officially done with college! I've been to my last class, handed in my last assignments, and now I'm just waiting for graduation and to start my new job. I graduate the 14th and start my job the 15th! That was fast! The position is as a Case Manager at a halfway house. The pay isn't great, but it gets my foot in the door for a state job later on when i've got some experience under my belt. I'm so excited to start!

Anyways, i've been back to tracking since my fallout on Thanksgiving, and i'm here to report that things are going well. Sometimes it's hard to get past the cravings, but i'm sure that as time goes by, it will get easier to either ignore them all together, or to satisfy them in moderation. 

Tomorrow, the show goes on as scheduled. I'm back to picture taking and blogging daily.

Until then...

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