Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bad things come all at once!

Yesterday was such a shitty day, that I didn't even get around to doing my update until this morning. Don't worry, another update about today will come tonight...

Anyways, yesterday morning, I was using my computer when all of a sudden it just powered off on me, even though it was fully charged AND plugged into the wall. It had done this to me before, but stopped doing it shortly after, and so I had figured that the problem was over. NOT SO! This time it began doing it, and wouldn't stay on for more than a few minutes at a time before powering off again. I called apple customer support and was told that I could pay $50 over the phone on my credit card which might or might not fix the problem, or I could make an appointment at an apple store and take it in to get looked at. I chose to take it in as i'm not about to trust some nitwit over the phone.

Once I got to the apple store, the guy tried to convince me that my problem was as simple as the powercord...that is, until it went off right in front of him while plugged in with his fancy new cord! Long story short, they've taken my precious computer away from me for the next 5-7 days and are hoping that they will be able to fix it. If they do, it'll run me about 600 bucks, but if they can't, i'm going to have to bite the bullet and find some other way to come up with enough moolah for a brand new one. Thank God Christmas is coming up!!!

Anyways, I started my day off yesterday with 2 pieces of toast with 1 tablespoon of Oh So Delicious Skippy peanut butter split between the 2 slices. This is quickly becoming a breakfast staple for me, as it is quick, easy, and not too much food for my sensitive morning stomach. It came to about 180 calories. People ask me all the time if i get sick in the mornings because i could be pregnant, but the answer is NO way! I've been like this my whole life. Never able to eat first thing after waking up.

I was supposed to ride into my internship with my father today. This is usually the plan on Wednesday's and works out well because it saves me the gas. But, due to my unexpected visit to the apple doctor, and the fact that my dad was going into work early, I was forced to come home, and wait a few hours by myself before driving my own car to work. For lunch I had another great salad that I had gotten at Stop N' Shop the other day, but this time I had it with about 2.5 servings of Honey Mustard, and i ended up picking out the broccoli. I've always been a dressing freak. I like dressing and I like a lot of it. Because of this, I often find myself saving extra calories just for my salad dressings so that I can eat them the way that I want. Too little dressing just makes the salad not taste good to me. Because this salad was so big is why I ended up using so much. 5 tablespoons to be exact! In my defense, it IS light dressing, and didn't pack too bad of a punch on the calorie intake scale. The entire salad, dressing included came to about 541 calories.

I didn't finish the entire salad and left about a third of it in the bowl for later on with dinner. I had a great dinner planned and made, all ready to go, but ended up getting side tracked after work. Instead, I went over to my friends Steve and Tito's house for a little Guitar Hero fun, and when I got there, they had ordered pizza. It smelled delicious and looked ooey gooey good in the box, and i just couldn't resist. I forgot to take a picture, but I restricted myself to 2 medium sized pieces, which still would have left me room to eat my dinner once I got home. I figured each slice to be around 190 calories. I'm not sure if this is right, and it seems a little bit high to me, but I guess it's better to over estimate on calories than it is to underestimate, right?

Later on when I got home, I thought about breaking out my delicious dinner, but then I remembered that we don't have that much to eat in the house, and that I have to go grocery shopping. I wasn't that hungry anyways, so I just ended up eating the last third of my salad from lunch, and i've saved last nights dinner to have as lunch before I go to class today.

Overall, I probably didn't eat enough calories yesterday. I only ended up with around 1100 total, but sometimes shit happens, and it's not like i went to bed starving. Today will be a better day, I hope!

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