Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Shopping...ALREADY?!?

I got up fairly early this morning to finish up the last couple chapters of "Twilight." "Early" for me though is about 10AM, haha. I stayed in bed till about 11:30, not even noticing that i was pretty hungry, because i was so absorbed in my story. Around the same time that I finished and decided to get up and eat, my friend Rachel called to tell me that she was on her way. We had made a plan to hang out today and go shopping at the mall...

20 minutes later, she showed up at my house, and I still hadn't had time to eat. We had to leave so that I could make it to my appointment for an oil change on time, and on the way out, I quickly grabbed one of these Kashi bars since I knew i wouldn't be getting a real breakfast, and lunch was still a few hours away. These bars are only 180 calories and taste just like a chocolate peanut butter rice krispy treat. While we waited for my car to be done I took a few bites and saved the rest to eat as we hiked around the mall for awhile...

We shopped at the mall till around 2PM or so. I did quite a bit of shopping for little things yesterday to give to my friends and family for Christmas and was really just going to the mall to try and get some ideas for those family members who are harder to shop for. Unfortunately I didn't get much out of this trip, but I did leave with about 5 pairs of beautiful new dangle earrings, and also managed to get my shopping for my Dad's gift out of the way.

After the mall, we headed to Whole Foods for their salad/food bar. Rachel is a vegetarian so when we go out, we need to make sure that where ever we end up eating has options for her as well. Since i'm trying to eat healthier also, this was a good choice. I ended up with this salad containing lettuce, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, chicken, onions, a piece of sesame tofu, and a piece of some other tofu made with a mushroom and pepper marinade. For dressing I chose a really good (put kind of high cal) garlic caesar dressing. There were no low fat or low calorie options for dressing, so I did the best I could with what I had. The entire salad, including dressing, was about 379 calories. A very healthy lunch if I do say so myself!

I found that while I really enjoyed the mushroom/pepper marinated tofu, the sesame tofu really didn't excite me, and so after taking a bite, I left it alone. Also, for whatever reason, I wasn't really feeling the cherry tomatoes either, and left most of them in my plate as well.

Later on after i'd gotten home, and Rachel had left, my friends Steve and Tito stopped by to hang out for a little while. We watched "Get Smart" and while the movie was playing, I made the boys a couple of sandwich's. They raved that they were the best sandwich's they'd ever had, and proclaimed that I should open up my own shop! Haha, they're so sweet! Funny thing is, my dad said the same thing last night when I made HIM a sandwich too. Hmmm...maybe they are onto something here? Possible career change? Hahaha...

Anyways, while I was at Whole Foods earlier, I picked up an additional tasty salad to have tonight. This one only included lettuce, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and chicken. These ingrediants seem to be my salad staples lately! When I broke out my salad, I added some croutons and Light Caesar dressing. This salad with dressing was another 380 calories. Again, another very low calorie meal!

I've got a lot of calories left over for tonight, and I DO plan on eating something later because I can't be having too many low calorie days like I have been lately. I'm debating over making one of my now "famous" sandwich's or perhaps trying the Cod Sticks aka fish sticks that I picked up at Trader Joe's the other day. Such a dilemma! Haha. Regardless, you'll all know tomorrow what I picked.
Right now i'm off to begin book 2 of the "Twilight" series...i'm sure i'll be up late. My other friend Rachel (not the one i went shopping with) who turned me onto the series has informed me that the next 3 books are even better than the first...i'm excited to get started!
Goodnight, all!

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