Friday, November 21, 2008

Sorry for the delay...again...

Sorry about being so late in posting again. I expected to update again last night, but never got around to it as I was totally absorbed in "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. Such a good book! I couldn't put it down, and I managed to read the entire 500 pages in about 4 hours or so. I just had to go and get the next book in the series today. I'm strongly recommending this book for anyone looking for something that they can just get lost in!

Yesterday for breakfast, i once again had my two pieces of toast with a tablespoon of creamy PB. And once again, it was delicious! I didn't take a picture of it since it would be the exact same as yesterdays, so if you feel cheated and need to see a picture, just go back to my last post!

For lunch, I finally ate the dinner that i'd intended for the night before. Shrimp Alfredo Pasta. I made this with a serving of whole wheat pasta, 2 servings of shrimp (about 18 of them!), a serving of green beans, and a 1/4 cup of garlic alfredo sauce. I then topped it with some 2% mozzarella cheese. I know it doesn't look so good in the picture, but believe me, this dish is to die for, and was one of my main meals back when I was on the right track and losing weight last time. The entire dish turns out to be pretty big, and packs only about 520 calories!

For dinner I ended up with yet another huge salad from Stop N' Shop. What is with me and all these salads lately? I just can't seem to get enough greens!

As usual, this one contained lettuce, chicken, cherry tomatoes, and some diced ham. I left off the broccoli cause it just isn't as good there! I went grocery shopping earlier (hence the salad, haha), and I bought some Rothbury Farms Seasoned Croutons. At first I wasn't sure if this addition to the salad was even going to be worth it, and for the most part it wasn't...until the end...When I eat salads, i tend to pick around all the stuff in the bowl that i really like and save it all for the end. I always end up with all my croutons sitting at the bottom, and this is just what happened this time too. So while eating the salad, i didn't get too many croutons, I had mouthful after mouthful to devour at the end of the meal. It was great. Croutons are the best part anyways in my opinion!

I was so hungry by the time I got to eat this (around 9:30 PM!) that I ended up eating the whole delicious thing. I topped it with Light Caesar dressing, and so far, i'd have to say that this was the best tasting salad of all! For only, 615 calories, i'd say this one wasn't bad at all!

I promise i'll do my best to have an update later tonight. As I said, I bought the second book in the Twilight series that i've just started reading, so don't be mad if I end up too absorbed with that, and don't post till tomorrow. I'll do my best!

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